03/02/2010 17:08

On Tolerance of the Ways of Life

Adalberto de Hoyos Bermea
National Autonomous University of Mexico

On Tolerance of the Ways of Life

Liberal tolerance pretends to be neutral to diverse ways of life, but its principles often conflict with the values of non liberal cultures, and supposes that it is necessary to disencourage these ways of life in order to avoid injustices towards the members of these cultures. Therefore, we seek a tolerance that allows discussion between diverse ways of life, including non-liberal ones. This tolerance is possible through the dialogue between the members of the different cultures, who can try to justify their values from their own perspective. Based on this discussion agreements can be reached which allow better relations and coexistence. If certain values are properly justified, even outside the liberal principles, they could be considered as internal practices of a culture and would have to be tolerated by the wider political community, without this meaning the neglect of the dignity of its members.